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10 Weeks Till 3M Half Marathon: Goals and Action Plans

Posted Nov 22 2011 5:21am

And so it begins...Again!


My big goal for 2011 was to run a marathon. Done!

Many runners and really, anyone with a big goal who achieves them, is left wondering, "what next?" after the event.

I remember performing at the 1996 Olympic Opening and Closing (as a musician-former life)  totally shameless bragging sentence.  and thinking, "This is my greatest moment!". Maybe it was at age 18.


Then comes marriage and carrying/ birthing babies. Huge accomplishments. HARD STUFF.


Parenting continues to be rewarding and filled with challenges and goals (don't screw up the kids, don't screw up the kids, don't...)


And now this new life as a runner. I want to get better. I want to be the best me I can be. I need a new goal.


Enter the 3M half marathon in Austin, TX 01/29/12

I've talked a little about it. I want a good race. I want a great time. I want to look like a runner at the finish.


This is a good race:


  • Second largest stand-alone half marathon in Texas
  • Named “Best Schwag” by Runner’s World‚ January 2008 <-----holla!
  • Named in Runner’s World list of “Better Halfs” in 2007
  • “Austin Race of the Year” by Austin runners in 2007 & 2002
  • Named top half marathon by Competition Texas magazine in 2006
  • It's downhill!

I want a great time (2:00):

  • Um, it's downhill...yes!!
  • It's in January, perfect Texas running temps in the low 50's-60's

I want to look like a runner at the finish:

I'm on the heavy side for a runner. I'm tall and of course I'm going to be out of the norm as far as the scale averages for runners. But, I was looking at my post race photos at San Antonio and I still look heavier than I want. I'm so glad I can do amazing things with my body. It was a huge part of this year, to be able to just do what I want in this body. Now I can, and I want to look good doing it too. 

Food is being closely watched but not gone completely. A girls gotta eat! 

Here's the training plan:

I'm adding some sprint work and cross training to build my glutes and hamstrings. I became more than aware of my weaknesses in San Antonio. 11 miles is my longest run sandwiched between two 9 milers on this plan. I'm thinking that should give me a really solid foundation to push the last few miles. my shorter runs will be up tempo with a goal of 8:30-9 minute miles. Also, a leg and ab strengthening routine is underway. I will post about that later.

In other news:

Today was one of those days where I felt like the worst mother in the world. Yelling, crabby, generally pissed at the world...or just the kids. My little one was lucky enough to get it full force most of the day. We both sat on her bed in tears tonight as I ate humble  shit  pie. Tomorrow will be better...right?

And finally:

The glue worked! And I kind of cleaned...sort of.

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