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1/3/2009 - 2:15pm

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am
Spent the morning - while cooking a large breakfast - mulling over whether it would make sense to try to get out for a run since a light snow had been falling all morning. Also, while I'd woken up at about 9:30am, I had had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night and remember looking at the clock at about 3:00am before I finally faded off, so I figured if I did try to get out for a run, I would be tired and sluggish. Came very close to just giving up on the idea - after all, it was still snowing by the time Katie and the girls left for a visit at some friends and the temperature read +/- 26 degrees, but before I knew it I had my gear on and was out the door. Took Sargent Ave. up to Wolcott and made my way up the the bottom of the mountain and took the left up along the old ski area...can't remember the name of that street (Howland?). Wound my way around to Verplank and then back up South Avenue to Sargent. All told - as far as MapMyRun calculates, this was a little more than 4.5 miles. I felt much stronger than I thought I would with very little pain - just a slight ache in my left knee and ankle, but not enough to cause concern. It was snowing lightly when I started and appeared to start down harder as I went, making it somewhat hard to see. Strange how the worse the weather, the better my runs. Didn't freeze up at all and had enough energy to finish pretty strong. The only thing that seems to throw me off a bit is how much air hankying I have to do...I started using a neti pot about a month ago and occasionally, when I bend down say, to get something from a bottom cabinet, or like yesterday, go to zip up Lulu's coat, some little nose fairly has turned on a spigot way up inside my sinus cavity...this can be somewhat embarrassing and may be what is leading to the inordinate amount of stuff making an exit from my head through the nose on my runs? Anyway...I must have "honked the hanky" about 20 times on this run, which tends to put me off my pace a bit since while in the snow, I have to be careful to look where I'm going and can't very well do both at the same time. 

All in all - a good run this one. Am feeling stronger and must keep up the miles as long as the weather holds.
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