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Coach Jeff is a 2:22 marathoner and has been a running coach for the past 7 years. "I love coaching and I have a passion for translating highly technical training theory to the schedules of the runners I coach. I don't believe in 'secret' formulas or 'patented' coaching systems, just... Full Bio
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Are You Sabotaging Your Long Run by Running the Wrong Pace?

The underlying principle of any training program, regardless of your goal or ability, should be the development of a solid aerobic base...

Why Your Big Toe Might be the Cause of Your Running Injuries (And How You Can Fix It)

Even though it is not talked about very often in running communities,  a “stiff big toe” (or as it’s often referred to, ‘hallux limitus’) can...

Does Correct Head Positioning Make You Run Faster?

“Keep your head up”! Go to a race course of any kind, and you are likely to hear this phrase. Running coaches are fond of this advice,...

Meet Our New Coach; Tina Muir!

I am very excited and proud to announce we’ve added a new member to the RunnersConnect team! Tina Muir originally hails from England,...

Are Race Conversion Calculators and Race Time Prediction Charts Reliable?

What pace can you run for a marathon if you just ran a 25:00 minute 5k? What about for the half marathon? That’s a question almost every...

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