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RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional

Greensboro, North Carolina
Hi! I'm Thad and I'm the host of RunnerDude's blog ( and owner of RunnerDude's Fitness ( I'm also an ESR (Endurance State Reporter) for and I write for  I'm just a regular guy that loves to... Full Bio
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Healthy and Bella

Someplace, Germany
I am a college student in my mid twenties, who finally wants to battle her extra pounds and get fit in the process. I signed up with Weight Watchers Online in the beginning of December, as I did WW before and it worked really well for me. Unfortunately, after losing about 35 pounds in 2005-2006, three years later I have gained it all back. I realized that keeping the weight off will...


San Diego, California
I am a certified trainer and health food enthusiast. I love to experiment and incorporate many different forms of healthy eating into my diet. I'm constantly adjusting my diet and fitness to make my body run at maximum level. I love to cook & I love to eat, so find out how to maintain a healthy balance by reading my blogs. I have a blog dedicated soley to the healthy recipes I create and use...

Run For Life

My blog started as a way to track my training for a marathon. Since then it has morphed into a place where I write about all things running and health related. It is also a great way to connect with others and even post about the various things of life in it. I hope you find these posts entertaining and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!


I'm an ultrarunner/triathlete in Monterey County, CA. My website features gear reviews, photo tours, race reports, training advice, and lessons on finding the proper balance in life.


People frequently tell me I am crazy for doing triathlons. I always respond that I was once a "normal" person like you. This is my perspective about testing the limits to see what the "normal" person can do.

Dr. Scott ND

Littleton, Colorado
 I'm Dr. Scott Olson and I'm a Naturopathic Doctor. When I was 16 years old, I picked up a book on diet (Pritikin) and was mesmerized by the thought that the food we eat had something to do with the diseases we might get. While it seems a bit stupid now, I had no idea that our food choices had anything to do with health. The Pritikin diet made claims of weight loss, but they also...
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JohnL, PhD

Charlottesville, Virginia
I'm a professor at the University of Virginia where I teach and conduct research about the problems of students with Learning Disabilities and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. My research has focused mostly on evidence-based methods for teaching these students academic skills and social-behavioral competence.


Auckland, New Zealand
I love to run and my dream is to run a marathon one day.  I've had more than my fair share of injuries to contend with but with perseverance I'll realise my dream in the end.

Rotten Tea

Hi! My name is John! Nice to meet you. I am a systems analyst from Spokane, WA. I work for a local government here in Spokane. I am a former Cross Country and Track Coach. My BLOGs will cover a wide range of topics from Music, Sports, Israel - Palestine, Education, Politics and Law. I will focus on Greater Spokane League distance running.
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chagrin falls, Ohio
Nutritional Consultant