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Hi! I'm Thad and I'm the host of RunnerDude's blog () and owner of RunnerDude's Fitness (). I'm also an ESR (Endurance State Reporter) for and I write for  I'm just a regular guy that loves to run. Keeps me fit and sane. I've run for over 20 years - more... Full Bio
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Running Rub You the Wrong Way?

Does running rub you the wrong way? No, I mean literally? If you've ever been a victim of runner's rash or chafing. you know it's no fun....

Don't Sabotage Your Workout With A "Reward!"

We are definitely a reward-based society. Every time we do something good, we want to be rewarded or recognized. Nothing wrong with a reward,...

The Scoop on Poop

If you’re like me and my running buddies, we’ve had conversations about just about everything under the sun while on the run, but for some...

Take a Tour!

Check out the video below to take a quick tour of RunnerDude's Fitness and all it has to offer! After the video, be sure to check out our website...

The Perfect Post-Run Recovery Smoothie

The optimal refueling window after a long run is 15-30 mins. With a few ingredients on hand, you can whip up this post-run recovery smoothie in...

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I made a Lego Stop Motion movie to inspire people to overcome their "limits". Check it out
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Not a problem! =) I may need some marathon tips in the future =)
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