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Must have running songs

Posted by BaddApple .. Patient Expert

I use the ipod Nike + when I run so I have to have my tunes. If you could only have 5 songs on your music device what would they be?
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 Is this thing on? Anyone come here or doesn't anyone one listen to music while they run. We’re supposed to have 226 people here. Were supposed to be a community let's share.
i would have some rocky songs . 

A must have for me is We're Gonna Make It (LL Cool J and Mary Mary).  


Heavy metal choices like Metallica's Sandman is a good one.
Oddly enough, "Green-Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf has just the right pace for me.

black eyed peas, imma be and boom boom pow

eminem, lose yourself

black and yellow

all i do is when

those can get me some pretty fast runs!

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