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Cool rummage sale find of the day!

got this beauty for just a dollar! its supposed to be for strawberries or herbs, but im gonna put flowers in it.

Eggface Blog

hey do ya see the super snazzy link on the right side o this page for Eggface's blog? (it has the frying pan with egg eyes and a bacon smile) If...

New kitchen toy!!!

Here it is the Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/4 Removable Cooking Pans from QVC, item #K30405 Above are the 3 pans that came with it:...

Thurs, July 1st

breakfast: scram eggs and a tsp of my apple mix string cheese b4 i rode my bike for 30 min and walked some of it. been a LONG time since I rode...

fri june 4

scram eggs for breakfast a lovely headache is with me today and its raining, at least i dont have to water the garden. thursday i...

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Aug 14 2009 by rscowtown

thanks for the cheers Sol :) have a blessed day!


Aug 12 2009 by Reiki Healer

Hope you walking is going Fine. My name is Sol. I too have set a walking goal, so I thought I would cheer you on.

 Bright Wishes.




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