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Littleton, Colorado
Worked at YMCA's - Darien Connecticut and Littleton CO (Aquatic Director)Studied Elementary Education & psych-soc minor at University of Delaware Married ... From Littleton, Colorado . Lived in NJ, 2 yrs-Chile,S.Am., CT, VT and Colorado.  Never in sport events while young,... Full Bio
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Mar 02 2013 by Roxlyn

I was warned against the peroxide treatment by a very respected RRT... it is poison -akin to snakeoil treatment.

Dec 07 2011 by Qasar

I have moderate emphysema. Found a treatment using food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in distilled water. Treatment calls for a 35% solution to be used, I only used a 3% solution and found after only 2 days that my breathing had improved dramatically. Spirometry test weeks later showed my FVC had improved from 5 to 9 and FEV1 had gone from 3 to 9. The whole story is about 3 pages long (too long to post here) and I'll share it with you if you Email me at

Jul 15 2011 by Jeff K.
You are awesome! You're doing such great work out there in your community. They're lucky to have someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to really helping them. 
May 24 2011 by Roxlyn

keep moving any which way you can, I don't care how slow, or how few the steps...ANY moving improves you and gradually enables you to do more and feel better.  Once again YAHOO changes - no blogs there, so Wellsphere is the only place to go for my pulmonary rehab and AFTER blog  

Jun 12 2010 by Roxlyn

Yahoo has changed my blog address find me now at

Lyn/Roxlyn G Cole  Littleton, Colorado
Pulmonary Rehab & AFTER  daily link >


Jan 24 2010 by Roxlyn
coming soon Rusty Sherrill's updated story, his "waiting game" for lung transplant approaches the four year mark.  He still keeps moving even with FEV1 of 12%.
Jan 24 2010 by Roxlyn
Jan 24 2010 by Roxlyn
Roxlyn G Cole, new link for COPD Pulmonary Rehab & AFTER blog: or

> then move your cursor way over to the right side of the full page, and scroll down below some story titles until you see "view all" < click that and the blog will open for you to read.