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Hi, I'm Round Peg. I'm a wife, to a wonderful, caring and giving man.  I'm a mother to two wonderful children; a 3.5 year old PTSD sufferer with a minor heart murmur and a 1.5 year old son who has craniosynostosis and a bicuspid aortal valve.  I'm also sister and caregiver to my 23... Full Bio
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Thank you so much for the supp ...

Thank you so much for the support over the last few years. Now that “Needlenoggin” as moved into his own home, this blog has been...

Up and better

Me, that is. This May, I broke the cartilage in my left ankle, and got fitted into an Aircast for the summer. It was very, very uncomfortable...

Mama's Little (but growing!) Monkey

It has been a while since we updated on my little monkey, and I'm all a-flutter with good news. First, though, I wanted to mention that it is...

Two Years

What were you doing two years ago today? It was a Monday, so you might have been working, going to class, or enjoying a hard-earned day off....


Alright, don't get too excited, but young Mr. monkey has gained .75 lbs and and 1.5 inches since his December visit with the endocrinologist!...

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