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Duesseldorf, Germany
Mother to 2 kids with the one child being hearing Impaired.I love to blog and upload videos on hearing impairment. The knowledge I have gained is through one of the most special speech therapist Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar. She is in this field for the last 40 years and all her students are integrated... Full Bio
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Made some music

        Today Prisha had her music inference. Here they showed us what they did in music. Her music teacher is a very...

Singing in choir

Nigerian song Who says she can't sing? If you get the right...

Fear turns to empathy

     Prisha with her hearing issues deals with many other issues. Being understood, being accepted by people, at times limited...

Empathy and sensitivity towards the hearing impaired

General thinking about deafness is that ....oh she can't hear but can speak and that's ok. No one knows what went in for her to speak...

Small difference in accent

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