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Ottawa, Canada
Once my transformation project back in 2007/2008 was completed (which was to lose 150 lbs all naturally in only 12 months) I am now trying to find myself and to maintain balance in my life. Maintanance probably is even a even harder phase than losing the weight its something i have... Full Bio
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Love these summer mornin ...

Love these summer mornings when waking up to the brightness of the sun along with the fresh morning air coming in through the window. That...

New Years Eve post ...

Helllllooooo blog space! Once again its been a while since I have made it on here. Looks like that may be yet another new years resolution to add...

My Cousin living with severe MS needs help and support.


Food for thought. Where do you see yourself at 65?

Hi everyone. Well its Friday and boy do I need to blog. I have a few things weighing on my mind and you know me, chapter First off I...

Trying to achieve what seems like the impossible

Hey Bloggers. Hope everyone is well. I haven't written in this blog since last January, however this blog seems to be the most popular one out of...

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Nov 29 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Dear Rosy, 

I hereby requesting your vote to win 'People's Health Blogger Award'. Please see all my posts related to cancer in my blog. Thank you in advance for your help.

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