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I am a mother who is on a journey with her son to help him overcome schizophrenia. We are taking a holistic approach. I have tested many of the therapies myself, so I can write with confidence about what they do. No therapy is too unusual to try, which makes for interesting reading.
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Experiencing technical difficulties

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to reply to comments posted on this blog, nor can I post replies on other people's. I am in the process...

A Theological Interpretation of Mental illness-A Focus on “Schizophrenia”

originally posted on the Beyond Meds blog JANUARY 11, 2015 BY  ADMIN by Elahe Hessamfar A book:  My precious daughter, Helia, was...

Interview with Ann Cluver Weinberg, author of The Danny Diaries

Ann Cluver Weinberg is a South African writer. In this 2013 interview she discusses how the diagnosis and the gloomy attitude of...

Person of the Year - Corinna West

"If you want to know how young black people overcome adversity, we’ve got over 400 videos up on the Poetry for Personal Power You...

My Mysterious Son: A Life-Changing Passage Between Schizophrenia and Shamanism

A memoir about the tight bond between a father and his mentally ill son. Until his son’s late teens, Russell (The Life and Ideas...

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