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Maple Ridge, Canada
I am 98% Vegan I eat cheese once in a blue moon,(no Rennet ) " I DON'T MEAT MY FORK <3 " I have Ulcerative Colitis, Depression,Anxiety,Agoraphobia,Panic Attacks,General Anxiety <3 " LIVE,LOVE AND LAUGH OFTEN " I think Laughter should be in every bodies life,it helps to break up all the crazyness in the world <3 Hugs should be given out at every store for Free as they are very Healing and calming <3 
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Jul 24 2011 by rosieveg
I started smoking again due to stress and it being such a strong ingrained habit!! I will be trying to quit again September,12th,11, Sept,30th,11 is when the Ncotine patches will be free with a Dr's Prescription :) My Quit Date is Sept,12,11 cause I have free Nic patches from my Brother who past away from Emphysema this Aug,12,11 so can quit sooner than  Sept,30,11!! My Best |wishes to Every one <3
Jul 23 2011 by rosieveg
I have not been on here for months. I started smoking again but plan on quiting again soon :) I have not been well since about Nov,2010 so hopefully I'll get better soon :) I'm on new meds now so I'm hoping the new meds will be the right mix I need! :)  I hope everyone is well  :) 
Nov 09 2010 by Daljenny

hi,   i've being 2 months without checking!!!!!!!!  wow...  i really miss it ...  what about ya??  the same?                nice to contact you again!!!!!  


with happiness,    DL