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I like the TEAM in blogging: together everyone achieves more. My blog site is devoted to sharing updates, news, information and motivation - to generate a greater thirst for understanding. However, the main purpose of this site is to promote my steadfast conviction that while the Alzheimer's... Full Bio
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"A Separation"? From What?

Alzheimer’s creates real moral dilemmas and separation in families. Just watch the 2011 award-winning Iranian movie, “A Separation”, to...

Alzheimer’s: Technology Bracelets to the Rescue

Since when does fresh air increase the risk of getting lost?  How often do we read about dementia patients who find themselves panicked...

Alzheimer's meets Don Quixote

The battles fought by Alzheimer's patients and their families are exactly that - battles.  Sometimes they feel like a struggle for good over the...

Easter, Alzheimer's and Spiritual Amnesia

What could these three things possibly have in common?This long overdue post started a week ago when I read the terribly sad news about a...
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