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According to what has been called the medical model, people who have been diagnosed with "schizophrenia" and with "psychosis" in general, have a brain disease or chemical imbalance. Past life experience such as trauma, according to that model, has nothing to do with why... Full Bio
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Why “Stabilizing” People is Entirely the Wrong Idea

If human beings were meant to be entirely stable entities, then “stabilizing” them would be an entirely good thing, a target for mental health...

Does Long Term Use of “Antipsychotic” Drugs Result in More Disability, and More Psychosis?

This sounds like a weird question – everyone knows that psychosis is often very disabling, and antipsychotic drugs are widely recognized for their...

How Can Professionals Learn to Reduce Fears of Psychotic Experiences Rather Than Emphasize Pathology?

The kinds of experience we call psychotic are often incredibly scary: people feel they are being persecuted by strange forces, or that their...

CBT for Psychosis, and the Hearing Voices Movement – Can They Be Friends?

When Doug Turkington, a UK psychiatrist, first announced to his colleagues that he wanted to help people with psychotic experiences by talking to...

From Protest to Taking Over: Using Education to Change Mental Health Care

As we develop critical awareness about the mental health “treatments” that don’t work and that often make things much worse, the question...

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