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Los Altos Hills, California
CEO, I Love Life. Mainly because I love people, and also because it is full of beautiful and exciting things. I Love Flowers, especially Gerber Daises, mainly because the remind me of Miri, who has inspired me to be healthier and happier. I LOVE Great Food, specifically healthy one, because it makes me feel good, and also because it inspires me to cook - which is a fun creative outlet. I Love Technology, because I love innovation because it has changed my life and because it... Full Bio
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May 13 2008 by Stephanie S.
thought I'd write to let u know I'm doing my third 5K in July -- hope to squeeze one in b4 then or at least train harder for the heat.  I do pretty well, surprisingly (fourth place in age group) but I found a course at a park that I go to 4 Xs/week.  I can't wait til it's a lifestyle:  I say this b/c I train for races b/c having the races gets me out and exercising.  But I am training not always enjoying/being present, you know?  At least this park has a LOT of nature which I try to take in at a 6/7 mile pace!
May 12 2008 by Dada V.
Some people say that drining a lot of water a day is not as important as it has been made to be (that is the word of a recent report), but naturopaths and yogis have long advocated drinking a lot of water. I think you should continue on your quest to drink as much as possible.
Apr 02 2008 by Stephanie S.

Even I've heard that eight glasses of water is a myth -- it should be more for many people.  Congrat's on scouting out all those bathrooms!


Mar 29 2008 by Ron G.
Thanks LaVida!

The "Pro" banner was given to me by one of our engineers after we launched the site. When I asked him for the reason, he said that running Wellsphere, a health and well-being company, and devoting my life in the past few years to helping people live healthier happier lives 24/7 makes me one. As a matter of fact, I don't really think that titles matters much and I don't think of myself as a "pro"  - I am just every passionate about helping people live better and I want to inspiring them to be well.
A glass of water usually has 8 ounces . I have increased my consumption to around 10 glasses per day - and still working to reach my goal (although many friends and pros on Wellsphere are telling me that 10 is enough!).
Would love to hear how your goals are going!
Mar 27 2008 by La'Vida W.

Hello and thanks for the request to be my friend.  I have some question what is the pro over you picture for?  Also I like your goal of drinking 12 glasses of water a day. How many ounces are the glasses? 

Jan 23 2008 by Tracey R.
Wow, Ron, you're really dedicated! Logging every glass of water you drink as you move toward your goal! Good for you! I've decided to drink more water too, but haven't actually been tracking the exact amount. It's a start. I'll take your advice an look into how much I should be drinking. Hope it's working out well for you!
Jan 05 2008 by Ron G.
Just wanted to make a quick comment about how I chose to drink 12 glasses of water/day. I am a relatively very active person and I work out an average of 1.5 hours/day. I did choose the number of 12 cups of water per day after consulting with my wife who is at the Medical School at Stanford, as well as with a couple of my friends who are MD's. I think that everyone who sets this kind of a goal should read some relevant research about it, and also consult a doctor before deciding how many glasses of water per day they should drink. The number vary among different indivuduals. Too little water, but also too much water can be harmful. Two wonderful Wellsphere members Maria S. and Chris R. sent me some great references that you may want to check out.  They are related to drinking too much. They recommended reading Nature news from three weeks ago, as well as  this NY Times article.
Jan 03 2008 by Stephen Arod S.
See for the facts about the 8 glasses of water myth. Bottled water = global warming. Drink from the tap when you're thirsty. 12 glasses of water a day can place unwarranted stress on your kidneys.
Jan 03 2008 by Luanne H.
Great job in drinking water!  I wish I would remember to drink more too!  :)
Jan 02 2008 by Trent R.
I was able to greatly increase my water intake in the past, but going to the bathroom all the time is a hassle!