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CEO, I Love Life. Mainly because I love people, and also because it is full of beautiful and exciting things. I Love Flowers, especially Gerber Daises, mainly because the remind me of Miri, who has inspired me to be healthier and happier. I LOVE Great Food, specifically healthy one, because it makes me feel good, and also because it inspires me to cook - which is a fun creative outlet. I Love Technology, because I love innovation because it has changed my life and because it... Full Bio
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May 13 2008 by Stephanie S.
thought I'd write to let u know I'm doing my third 5K in July -- hope to squeeze one in b4 then or at least train harder for the heat.  I do pretty well, surprisingly (fourth place in age group) but I found a course at a park that I go to 4 Xs/week.  I can't wait til it's a lifestyle:  I say this b/c I train for races b/c having the races gets me out and exercising.  But I am training not always enjoying/being present, you know?  At least this park has a LOT of nature which I try to take in at a 6/7 mile pace!
May 12 2008 by Dada V.
Some people say that drining a lot of water a day is not as important as it has been made to be (that is the word of a recent report), but naturopaths and yogis have long advocated drinking a lot of water. I think you should continue on your quest to drink as much as possible.
Apr 02 2008 by Stephanie S.

Even I've heard that eight glasses of water is a myth -- it should be more for many people.  Congrat's on scouting out all those bathrooms!