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29 year old mom and wife who have been diagnosed with lupus since 2002. at the course of having lupus, i got operated in the lungs due to pleurisy, suffered pulmonary embolism and cyst in the ovary. but now i am in remission.
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Feb 18 2013 by jensagala
I started writing again and reading stories like what you shared. I really touches my heart. I hope everything went fine on your end.
May 17 2010 by Rose

hello Ms. Romelette

 Im searching about LUPUS altenative Medicine , my sister told me about lupussurvivor she is a nurse in Manila and she tellling about the medicine that found near in Mother Ignacia ABS street.. but i can't find it. Im Rose 37, 2005 when i found out i have SLE starting only in joint pain and fever.. 

Mar 02 2010 by jimadamik

Hi Romelette,

Learning from instructor is  good , but you can learn some begining movements and Tai Chi excersises from DVD. I teach Tai Chi AND Qigong . Qigong is more for health improvement. If I can help you find DVD's please contact me. You also might go to and search for Qigong or Tai Chi and watch the FREE video's there.


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