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The Super-Munter

Posted Jan 01 2013 9:00am
In a serious rescue situation , it might be possible that you would have to lower an extreme weight down a rock face. For example, there is the possibility that you might have to lower two climbers, one cradling another one, or you might have to lower a climber and a litter. There are many ways to do this, but there is one really smooth technique.The super-munter is a variation on the  munter-hitch . It creates a tremendous amount of friction and doesn't have one of the main problems of the munter-hitch, it doesn't tangle the rope. Indeed, the action of the rope as it goes through the super-munter twists the rope and then twists it back.Following is a short video on how to make a super-munter: The super-munter creates a great deal of friction. I have never used this for a rescue, but occasionally I have lowered two climbers together with this who didn't feel comfortable rappelling. I've always found it to provide more than enough friction to deal with 400+ lbs of dead weight.While it is unlikely that you will use this particular hitch very often, it is a valuable rescue tool to have in your back-pocket.--Jason D. Martin
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