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Rock climbing Tips - Safety

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Check and re-check. Check and double check that your knots are tied securely and your caribers are locked
Climbing! Make sure to let your belayer know you're starting to climb by saying "Climbing" to shich they will respond "Climb on!"
Feet out. If you fall, keep you feet out in front of you to catch the wall when you swing into it
Keep your rope clear. Make sure your rope is clear of your gear, arms and legs
On belay? Before you start climbing, make sure to ask your belyaer if they're ready by saying "On belay?" to which they will respond "Belay on
Over-Communicate. It's important to communicate with your fellow climbers
Push away. The moment you feel yourself slipping, push away from the wall to minimize contact
Stay aware. Be aware of what's above and below you as you climb
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