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Climbing Walls Changing P.E.

Posted by Larissa

Climbing walls not only challenge students physically, but it exercises their problem-solving skills. Kennedy School in Milford is the fourth elementary school to install a climbing wall in the past three years. Because it is not apart of the districts P.E. curriculum, there is no budge, so parents fund raise for the money. Within three months, they raised $6,000. Some parents have concerns about their child getting hurt and how safe it is. Elementary school children are typically no higher than three feet off the ground. Before students are allowed to climb, they must take an instructional course and pass a test. The higher climbing walls, typically installed in middle schools and high schools, require students to ware helmets and safety harnesses.

I'm not a parent, but I think this is a great idea! If students find an activity they like, let them explore and advance at it. Many students find P.E. a drag to; some even fail due to the lack of participation! Safety is an issue, but so is everything else. There is always faculty on duty monitoring the wall and the students are taught proper safety techniques.

What do you think? Would you let your child participate?

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I would definitely let my child participate (when I have one). I think the introduction of new sports in to physical education is vital for the future. And as they are introduced, the teachers need the show the demonstrate to the students that they are safe, like you described, and fun, so that they'll want to participate in the unit every chance they get. There are so many activities available that aren't being taught enough or at all that should be-another one, I think, is tennis, since not all schools have courts outsides. But that can easily be fixed with a portable net, just like installing a climbing wall in the case you described Larisa. Thanks for posting this!
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