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Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 7/10/14

Posted Jul 10 2014 1:00pm

--It appears that a hiker became stranded on a cliff-face above Melakwa Lake in the Snoqualmie Pass area of Washington State. The Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team responded to the incident and plucked the hiker off the face. In the images from the rescue it is completely obvious that this individual was not a climber and really didn't belong in the terrain where he was recreating. To read more and to see dramatic video, click here.

--The last stretch of the Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point is now open. The state Department of Transportation says crews cleared 20 to 40 feet of snow in spots on the last 2.7 miles of the highway, and snow-walled canyons remain in places along the road. To read more, click here .

Desert Southwest:

Guide Doug Foust finalizing sponsorship deal with CEO of 
Pro-Tech Athletics Jeff Rodgers"


--AAI Guide Liz Daley wrote a great article for Teton Gravity Research on her most recent Denali Trip. To read the article, click here .

--Thousands of preserved dinosaur footprints have been discovered in a floodplain in Denali National Park and Preserve in central Alaska. The most abundant tracks belong to hadrosaurids, also known as duck-billed dinosaurs, and they were all made between 69 million and 72 million years ago. This site, a 180-meter wedge​ in the Upper Cretaceous Cantwell Formation, is the largest tracksite known this far north. A new analysis of these high-latitude impressions reveals that duck-billed dinos lived in large, multigenerational herds, and they likely lived in the Arctic year-round. To read more, click here .

--Sadly, the road into Denali National Park has something in common with roads all over the state — drunk drivers. That’s not something that normally comes to mind on the 80-mile one-lane road into the wilderness. But apparently, rangers make drunk driving arrests on this road about six times per season. To read more,  click here .

Notes from All Over:

--Former North Cascades National Park ranger Bill Fitzpatrick is reported missing in Central Africa after the plane he was piloting Sunday never landed at its destination airport in Cameroon. Fitzpatrick’s disappearance was reported Wednesday by his current employer, African Parks, a South Africa-based organization that works to make the continent’s national parks economically sustainable. To read more, click here .

--New research has found that backcountry skiing and snowboarding are pushing the Teton Range’s small bighorn sheep herd out of some of its best habitat. To Read more, click here .

--Recent Standford Graduate dies in mountaineering accident inTriglav National Park in Slovenia. To Read more, click here .

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