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Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 10/4/12

Posted Oct 04 2012 9:00am
A 39 year old man fell while climbing at Mt. Erie on Saturday and had to extracted by a Navy helicopter.  To read more, click here .

Mazama-based North Cascades Heli-Skiing has been issued a notice of non-compliance by the Methow Valley Ranger District for cutting down two dozen trees in an effort to make landing areas in the backcountry more safe.  To read more, click here .

Sugar Bowl Ski Area has signed a deal to take over as operator of the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort.  This 3,000 acre property, which is the largest cross country area in the US, is already connected to the Sugar Bowl Area by an "interconnect trail", but there are already plans for more enhancements.  To read more, click here .

An investigation is underway after a group of South Lake Tahoe boulderers reported a man digging for native artifacts near the Barbed Wire Boulders area of the Hope Valley climbing area.  To read more, click here .

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are investigating the poaching of a 20 lb. female bear cub in Estes Park.  Originally, the reward for information leading to the shooter was set at $500, but after donations from upset conservation groups, the bounty on the poacher is now up to $5,000!  To read more, click here .

Notes from All Over:
After an accident a few weeks ago in Red River Gorge, Black Diamond's Gear Lab decided to investigate the dangers of rope-worn carabiners in fixed draws.  To read more, click here .

A young man from the Chicago suburbs survived a fall in the Lone Tree Canyon area of Starved Rock State Park in Illinois.  To add salt to the wound, he could be facing charges and a fine since this area of the park has restricted climbing.  To read more, click here .

A Maine woman is in fair condition after surviving a fall at Maiden Cliff in Camden Hills State Park on Tuesday.  Witnesses say she fell at least 65 ft from the top of a climb, and speculate the fall was a result of an improperly rigged rappel.  To read more, click here .

What do you have in your med kit?  A South Pole medic, in the midst of preparing for an excursion, decided to research what some of the early polar explorers brought with them.  He was surprised to find such interesting remedies as dripping cocaine in the eye to cure snowblindness, and "parchment-like dressing only fractions of a millimetre thick" made from the intestines of an ox or shark.  To read more, click here .
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