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Climbed 5.11b at MC!

Posted by David B.

Well, I'm on my way to reaching my goal. One of my climbing partners read my wellsphere goal and decided to help me get there. In the past I hadn't climbed higher than 5.10D, and generally climbed 5.10B or 5.10C. On Wednesday Catherine and Erin convinced me to try a 5.11B (since I'd been pushing them to climb harder routes) and sure enough, knowing that there were there to support me (or, more realistically, there to heckle me) I managed to clean a 5.11B! They key for me was concentrating on keeping my weight on my feet rather than on my arms & hands. That way my arms didn't lose their strength before to top of the route.
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what does 5.10d stand for ??
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