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Best advice for a first time climber?

Posted by Kristen D.

What would the more seasoned climbers in this community recommend for someone who wants to start in the sport? Indoor climbing first? Outdoor climbing with a qualified instructor? Outdoor/indoor climbing with an experienced and responsible friend?

Feel free to add any other advice that you think a new climber may need

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I've never done outdoor climbing, but I would definitely say start indoors. Climbing for the first time can be scary, so getting comfortable climbing and falling is important. I remember when I first started climbing with a friend, I didn't know how to tie my own rope or how the rope system worked, so I was pretty nervous. Once I took the belay class, I started to climb with confidence because I understand how the ropes work and that I was safe. Although if you're on vacation and they offer rock climbing trips with an instructor, I would go for it.

Yep, the padded floor sure makes me climb better than sharp, pointy rocks. Or poison oak.... When you get a couple months in on plastic, head outside with folks that really know what they are doing and have a lot of experience with safety. Don't want to get dead/hurt/poison oak. hahah...

- BP

What's kind of equipment will I need to get started? I imagine that indoor climbing sites will have what you need, but is that really the case? Or are you expected to bring your own equipment?
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