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3 Top Rules For Taxi Transfers To Les Gets

Posted Apr 06 2013 6:42am

 Taxi transfers to Les Gets represent a necessity, especially in such a crowded location. Although you can always find a bus or some other form of public transportation, hiring a taxi driver is a must for tourists. Tourists automatically bring in a lot of luggage. Taking a bus with two bags, a couple of handbags and your kids can be a nightmare, mostly because there are so many things to take care of. On the other hand, walking with all these from the station to the hotel is exhausting. Therefore, a taxi will take you from one door to another and perhaps you might get a hand with the bags as well.


Ensuring a proper taxi transfer asks for some small details too. Practically, there is an etiquette you should learn about. In fact, there are such rules for practically any service or situation.


Public display of affection

Try to ignore your exhibitionist ideas while you are in a taxi. Wait until you reach to the hotel. It does look entertaining in films, but this is real life. First of all, you have no clue who stayed on that back seat before, so the hygiene is always an issue. Besides, the driver might end up staring in the rear mirror and stop focusing on the route. Whether he ends up crashing or he takes advantage of your lack of concentration, there are practically no positive results coming out of such a venture. Other than that, you even risk being taken out of the taxi and left in the middle of nowhere.



Tipping varies from one place to another. When it comes to touristy places like Les Gets, tipping is definitely a must. Most commonly, you should leave between 5% and 15%, but you can just as well round the trip costs. If the driver was rude and had some inappropriate comments, you are not obliged to leave a tip. Remember that tipping is not obligatory, but only a tradition. It depends on how pleasant your experience was.


Writing down details

Whether you use a pen or your personal mobile phone, writing down some essential details is useful from multiple points of view. First of all, you have a feeling of safety. Therefore, write down the driver's name, serial or license number and even the plate number. Second of all, you can make a complain to make it easier if something inappropriate happens. You cannot just call the respective company and describe a yellow cab with grey seats. Finally, having such details is very useful if you forget something in the taxi. Whether you forget a backpack in the trunk or your wallet falls down from your pocket, you would easily know who to call.


As a short final conclusion, taxi transfers to Les Gets are very handy and useful. However, do not forget some basic rules of kindness and politeness. No driver is forced to take you in, especially if you have an inappropriate behaviour. Therefore, you are not a sultan and they are not your slaves.

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