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Fire at Northbank - Onamalutu.

I awoke this morning to the smell of smoke. I picked up my iPad to find messages to ask if I were okay and wondered what the fuss was. The fuss...

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Despite crashing straight away the night before, I was still wide awake at 5am. I rested a few more hours then got up and showered, then moved my...

Kinderdijk and Gouda, Netherlands

I fell asleep immediately the night before, and woke up thinking I had had 8 hours – felt so refreshed – to only find it was only 1.24am! Gah....


The flight got in a bit early, and getting through passport control took some time, which was a first in the Netherlands – usually it’s quite...

Auckland to Guangzhou, China

The first leg of the flight was lovely - new plane, plenty of leg room and it was empty!  I was able to stretch out over 3 seats and get some...

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