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Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school survivor, currently on a mission to take control over my life, starting with my health and fitness, here!  I blog about my life with thyroid cancer, in particular the challenges of being a young adult... Full Bio
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Mar 12 2010 by gourav
hie.... when will we talk
Mar 11 2010 by gourav
hie.... dear... how r u...
Jan 25 2010 by lollie365
You did a fabulous job, young lady.  Keep up the good work!  I can see that you will be a fabulous attorney! 
Dec 30 2009 by peachygt
Hell, it's certainly enough to prompt a total stranger to not only stop and go "Whoa" but to also feel compelled to give you unsolicited feedback. ... and having to work to do so. I had to register on this site to be able to even say anything! That should tell you something right there. :)
Dec 30 2009 by peachygt
I happened upon your blogs and I must say that you've managed to capture the raw, real and strangely relatable reality that is the daily life of a survivor. I don't have cancer, yet your writing inspires sympathy not empathy. You're incredibly talented and God only knows the impact you're capable of making. Keep it up :) Cheers, Jennifer
Dec 11 2009 by - Teo -
I hope you are someone completely full of wonderful information- at which, I cannot wait till you spue it all over me!!! (ok that’s a bit gross I know, but you get the point, you perverts) Take care dear.  :)