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Overland Park, Kansas
I am a lover of Christ, Children, Family and Dogs! What do I do for work FUN? Well, I am a Health Advocate/Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Writer, Wife and Mother all because of His love! If you are looking for me you will probably find me furthering my education in the Fitness and Nutritional... Full Bio
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Love being Raw!

This past year, I have been drawn more to a raw food way of living. Why? The Science proves that cooking our food not only destroys the...

Common Weight training injuries

It is that time of year again, getting chilly out and muscles are taking longer to warm up. Make sure you are doing at least 10 minutes of...

Raw Honey at it's Finest!

After attending my friend Jane's class on the 100 things she did to beat cancer, I was amazed to find out that Raw Honey, honey in its...

Shoulder Pain – The Workout Crusher

Shoulder Pain – The Workout Crusher Shoulder Pain – The Workout Crusher Author: Jeff Cavaliere MSPT,...

When the world throws you lemons, Juice em!

I tried something new this morning before leaving for school (I believe in fueling the body and brain with the best intake for maximum...

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"Avoid refined sugar and refined flours at all costs. Sugar is a killer and it is a skin destroyer. Don't ever underestimate the deadliness of this dazzling poison. Sugar, like Cocaine, is a pure substance, but thousand times deadlier because it is not considered illegal. I think it should be" Tosca Reno