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Robin Webb R.N.

California 09042
Dominion fertility's International Patient Coordinator, I've worked off and on for DF since 1994, currently l live in Heidelberg, Germany with my husband, Mark and my twins, Lauren and Austin.
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Beta HCG levels after Infertility Treatment

Wow, you got through that IVF cycle and now the first beta HCG result comes in and it's 91.  What does that mean?  You can scan the internet for...

Getting the Most out of Free Information

As Dominion Fertility’s International Nurse Coordinator, the best part of my job is answering new patient questions. Most of these questions come...

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Robin Webb R.N.'s Whiteboard
Nov 02 2012 by Robin Webb R.N.
Back in The U.S.A for good
Jul 04 2011 by Robin Webb R.N.
Happy Fourth of July, just doesn't feel right since it's just another day in Germany.
Mar 28 2011 by Robin Webb R.N.
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