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Robin Lee

beaver falls, Pennsylvania
I need to find friends to talk to about shingles outbreaks. I have been having outbreaks every 4 to 6 weeks for 2 years.I get them in my left eye. I LOVE TO SEW IT HELPS ME TO KEEP MY MIND OFF OF IT.HOPR TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO CAN SHARE THOUGHTS ON THIS.
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Feb 28 2009 by Rose
Robin, I hope you come back to this site soon.  I, too, have shingles outbreaks every 4 - 6 weeks.  They are on my hip.  We are not supposed to be having these outbreaks they say, very rare, but I think a lot of folks are having them recurrent.  What does your doctor say?
Jan 07 2009 by Robin Lee
I have shingles in my left eye,I KEEP GETTING OUTBREAKS, one about every 4 to 6weeks for the last 2 years.I HAVE phn, from the shigles. I am taking lyrica and acyclovir. hydrocodone, alprazolam.Does anyone else have a condition like mine? I AM IN A LOT OF PAIN JUST NEED A FRIEND who i can talk to about this. thanks.

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