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I am a little astonished that I have been invited on here. I initially began my blog because I was devastated by my diagnosis and had a lot of difficulty coming to terms with it. I thought that keeping a journal of my experiences and my feelings would be therapeutic and I thought maybe others... Full Bio
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My Final Surgery, I Hope

On September 29,2010, I had a completion of my left mastectomy. Now it is nice and flat and the incision looks good. Now I plan on getting 2...

Second Post-Op Visit To Surgeon

The surgeon was very pleasantly surprised at how well my incision has healed. I have been soaking it with aloe vera gel and a special scar gel...

Post-Surgery Doctor Visit

Last Friday, I was worried. I had trouble with the drain having blood clots and having to "milk" them through. The drainage site was very red and...

Everything Is Looking Good

I got in to see the surgeon a day early. The home nurse, while changing the dressings became very concerned about a red area just below the...

Surgery Yesterday

I arrived at the hospital at 9 AM and had my bracelets attached and all the necessary paperwork filled out. Then I donned my hospital gown and my...

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