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Jan 01 2010 by passion4living
Hello and Happy New Year to you as well!
Nov 19 2009 by passion4living

Hi Robert,


Thanks for the add, great to have you as a friend.  Take care, Lydia

Nov 18 2009 by cherry

Hi Robert, Nice to meet you!! thanks for the add, i'm new to all this pc  stuff so still finding my feet.

Take care  cherry

Oct 19 2009 by Teresa
Husband had a stroke 18/07/08 on left side of brain.Diagnosed with global aphaisia. He understands everything but cannot communicate.  everything he wants to say he says ta,ta,ta,ta,ta, hard to decipher what he means. He can say, alright, ok, bye, hi, what, mostly spontaneous words. I need some help  on how to get him to speak again
Sep 30 2009 by Robert D. M.

I have an Aphasia Survivor