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Hi There. I finially updated my photo with one that actually looks like me. I am 50 yrs old, an fine artist and a volunteer Bible Teacher. Yes, that's right...two carreers that make little to no money! I was selling quite a bit of my work until about a year ago, when the big financial problems started. I am originally from Michigan and have been living in the L.A. area since 1981. I have a cat named, 'Sparky' who is a Polydactyl (he has extra toes!) He goes camping... Full Bio
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Anyone know a good exercise DVD?

My goal is to exercise (my Dr. told me it would help my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I don't have a lot of room to exercise and it can't be too...

Hi, what could cause a throbbing pain located just below the groin lymph nodes kind of near the Femural Artery?

It feels like there is a mass there. After I touch the area it will feel kind of hot.  Also, when I bring my knee straight up like I want to wash my...

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RobbieD updated their profile. Sep 30 2009
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Dec 21 2008 by thematrix777

Hey Robbie: I looked at your website. Beautiful paintings!

I'm glad you accepted my friends invitation.

Yes, the picture on your website with you smiling is much

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