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kitchen garden

Lived a charmed life over the past couple of weeks really. Sometimes too hot. But dry - a useful element in outdoor DIY. And although my...

creating the kitchen garden

in the beginning ... Two weeks since my last post?! Perhaps I've been resting, you might think. None of it!! Outside the...

rope me on for the extreme weeding challenge

Nottingham's Trent Bridge is hosting the test match against India at the moment. The English fielders and bowlers have been toiling in the...

I like my lawn to buzz.....

Tony thinks I'm cracked. 'Look at it' he exclaims, looking across the lawn '... it's full of clover'. Spot on there pal. Job done. I...

kitchen garden

Out, by the kitchen door, an expanse of black, weed surpressing plastic sheeting undulates like an oily Antarctic sea. This is where the...

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Nov 06 2009 by Jamie S.
How or Where do I purchase these? I heard they were wonderful for cancer patients/chemo patients. Is this true?

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