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Rao Dentistry is a blog that brings dental topics to you in a light, non-technical and entertaining way. Most people donâ??t like going to the dentist. I know that. I also know that while most people donâ??t like the process, they want the end result: a healthy, beautiful smile and... Full Bio
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Effects of A Vegan/Plant-Based Diet on Dental Health

According to Google, the search for a vegan or plant-based diet has more than doubled in the last few years. Combined with declining meat sales...

6 Remarkable Ways To Get A Smile Makeover

Ever seen a hot model on the cover of a magazine? Of course you have. The seductive pose, the trendy outfit (or part of it) and often, a...

5 Super Easy Ways to Help You Remember To Floss…For Good

Get your floss on, and ace your next dental check up and cleaning. We’ll ignore the fabulous health your mouth will be in as a minor...

Parents: How To Avoid Passing Dental Fear On To Your Kids

Some of the most fun times at our practice are when kids come in for their check ups. Whether they’re shy, playful or loud and chatty,...

Getting Back to Gratitude

Thursday is Thanksgiving….a day to devote to family, football, enough food to give our stretchy pants a real challenge….including lots and lots...

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