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Richard R Seymour- In a musty basement in a rundown brown stone on a forgettable street, the Elizabeth N.J. police athletic league had a new visitor. A thin, frail and very scared looking boy climbs through the blood stained ropes. He hesitantly walks into the red corner of the dimly lit boxing... Full Bio
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Jun 21 2008 by Richard S.
In recent weeks many different topics have been discussed, from motivational tools, eating habits, supplementation and training principles. However I do not want to stray to far from the reason I started this site to begin with. My training program H.I.G.T ( high intensity group training ) and it's five principles. Something I believe so strongly in I wanted to share it for free with all of you. Developed, molded, every detail scrutinized to be efficient, effective and results oriented, period!. Evolving from the perspective that unconventional is conventional, its difficult but this is why we do it! You will physically be tested, challenged then tested again. Everything you have been told you cant do you will do and progress and be better today than you were yesterday.
In the coming posts I want to discuss with you the five principles behind H.I.G.T and how these principles apply to the training program. I developed this program to simply produce results. A hard lean muscular body with a finely tuned machine like metabolism. When I begin to train someone with H.I.G.T, I always explain "there is a method to this madness". Every exercise grouping, every rep, every bit of rest between exercises has been planned and serves a very specific purpose. I believe my H.I.G.T program and it's principles are way advanced and the future of exercise. This I promise you.

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