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May 18 2012 by Rich G.
Seeing a cardiologist next Monday (more bills).  I can't just lay down for the rest of my life.  If I find any info in the coming days, I will post it for your benefit
May 18 2012 by Rich G.

This morning after getting out of bed, b was 126/84 (my norm), by the time a got to work (new job), it was up to 148/101....again for no particular reason I can think of.  It's scary.  I'm back home, have a stack of medical bills (still waiting on all the different lab bills) I may not have a job next week AND STILL, nobody knows what's wrong with me.

May 18 2012 by Rich G.

My BP spikes whenever it seems to want to for no particular reason.  I have had a minor stroke and partial seizure within one week in April.  Yesterday at work, I set a personal record of 175/105.  I have had many blood tests, I'm on meds (not working), I've had 4 MRI's (2 brain & 2 spine), ekg, eeg, 24hr eeg, heart echo, arterial ultrasound with nothing to be found and nobody cant tell me what's wrong.



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