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Apr 21 '09 by Rhonda G Is there a pain medication strong enough to stop my pain, but allow me to work at my job?

Apr 21 2009 by Rhonda G. I am trying every treatment I can to rid myself of the pain in my lower back,  hip and groin.  I have been...
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Apr 22 2009 by Kathleen D.
Yep, tennis balls can work wonders. They were recommended to me by a physical therapist to massage the bottoms of my feet for pain related to achilles tendonitis.
Apr 21 2009 by Paulette
I also have lower back pain.  I take percocet 10-325 twice a day. I have Flector patch that I apply on really bad days. Recomended to me at the Mayo Clinic here in Florida. It takes care of the pain. Mine is L4 and 5 with deteriation or stenoisis, bulging also. I also use two tennis balls put in a sock and tied to keep them close together.  I stand against a wall and roll the balls over the pain area and around my hips and I have to tell ya this is the best thing going for pain. A massage therapist that I use to work with, turned me on to the balls and you have to try it you won't believe the relief that you will get. Feel Better


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