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I've spent well over 30 years working with people and 28 years in private practice. I teach couples in continuing ed for the University of Pittsburgh to other therapists. As a social worker and a boomer I have a commitment to making the world a better place. I'm in love with ideas and this blog is... Full Bio
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Sex Matters!!! Stop Pretending it Doesn’t!

Sex over the long haul is not mastered by many. Sex in America seems to be in the extremes, people are having it a lot or not at all....

My New Relationship with India; thinking about arranged marriages & beyond stereotypes

I spent 17 days in India which is a remarkable country. Our trip was unusual in spending many hours driving on bad roads to see the...

Boundaries & How to do them

Defenses @ Fort in India Boundaries require you to risk being uncomfortable. Every relationship is about respecting the differences. The...

My 5th Anniversary of Blogging

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for five years. I’m passionate about my work with people and this is another outlet. So many of...

My work with Denial & the movie American Hustle

Denial is illusions. Illusions are denial. They are comforting & seductive. Throughout the movie there is the refrain “Everybody believes...
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