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Edmond, Oklahoma
Rhett Laubach works with student organizations, associations and corporations that want to develop their Personal Leadership Insight. He is a professional communicator, author, leadership expert and founder/operator of YourNextSpeaker, LLC - a leadership resource for organizations. Drawing from... Full Bio
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Skill Assessment: Joys and Discomforts of a New Leadership Position

Congratulations.  You have been promoted to a management position you have been hoping to receive for quite some time.  You have set goals,...

RELAX: Five Steps to Stress Management

Learn more about our fresh, new leadership curriculum at

Ten Vital Leadership Questions

Ask yourself the following ten questions (one per PLI Essential) to check your leadership pulse Vision - What am I doing today to be where...

Impact: Why Are You Breaking the Rules?

The Class Rule states "I must follow the rules to earn trust." We all have reasons why we choose to break certain rules in our...

Fostering Relationships: What Clicks Reveal About Human Nature

Clicks (using this spelling instead of cliques) aren't bad. Using clicks as leverage for negative peer pressure is. Clicks exist in schools and...
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