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Sacramento, California
I'm committed to a life of "Passion and Purpose"!  I write a column (titled "ViewPoint Inspired"); am a part-time Psychology Professor; and am a Marriage & Family Therapy/ Ordained Ministry / Landmark Education - trained and experienced Relationships Coach.  I've been a Single Father for 21 years, love sports, reading, wine and travel (anything which...

Annie Facebook

South Lebanon, Ohio
Hello,   I am a simple, sweet, mid-western, gifted, multi-tasking, barefoot, country girl, named Annie, working, writing, balancing life, single parenting, managing two cats, one teen son and Epilepsy all at the same time while being a Starbucks addict, runner, and cyclist, who loves healthy eating, living a healthy lifestyle and making life stress free as possible along with being a...

Jennifer L.

San Mateo, California
I am a community advocate here (along with Homer) at Wellsphere :) Both of us are here to help you! Feel free to ask for help or give suggestions on how this site can be improved! A little bit about myself...I attend Cal state east Bay and I am an intercollegiate soccer player majoring in Business. I love sports and I love meeting new people!

Gloria Bonde

Hot Springs, South Dakota
For over 20 years I have worked from home. This allows me to have an organic garden. I love to make healthy food grown in my garden.  I also volunteer as a member of the local county Master Gardeners group. I work to be healthy and thankfully I am.
Communities: Retirement, Exercise, Walking , ...

KeyChangesMTS Health MavenFacebook

United States
My name is Natalie Mullis, and I am a board certified music therapist with a private practice in Columbia, South Carolina. I work with children of all abilities, but the majority of my work focuses on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. My blog at seeks to provide caregivers of children (and adults!) with autism valuable information about autism, music, music...
Communities: Retirement, Triathlon, Running , ...

Mark W

I am a Nurse. Retired though ill health. I Live in Oxfordshire UK   Received a Double Lung transplant October 2010 I Blog about Living with a transplant, my life and hopes. My photos,art and the internet.  I support and promote organ donation I am a Christian  Join me  

Roland A. Facebook

United States
Communities: Retirement, Colon Cancer, Biking , ...
Goals: Lose weight

Herbalife Wellness & Weight

Sacramento, California
Wellness & Weight Control has always been an interest to me. Growing up I never had a Weight problem, was very Healthy and always exercised. Finding Herbalife was Magical! It was like it was just meant to be. I thank God & Mark Hughes everyday for this opportunity. I have a very strong passion to help others achieve the Lifestyle of being Healthy & Weight Control with a lot of...


San Francisco, California
Hello! My name is Homer, and I (along with Jennifer L.) am a Community Advocate at Wellsphere. Jennifer and I are here to serve the Wellsphere Community at large, and that includes you. Our goal is to nurture a safe and welcoming environment for this Community to flourish into the #1 resource for all things related to health and healthy living lifestyles! If you ever have any questions...

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