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How can I explain my "feelings" to my retired...  My husband is more a "thing" person than a "people" person I believe. He doesn't believe in wasti ...
Feb 10 2010 5:04pm
As a retried military man myself, I recommend you two find something you both like to do... more
Apr 17 2013 4:09pm
Environmental risks of the shale gas industry...   crown cap ...
Mar 13 2013 3:40am
It is truly said that shale gas need constant monitoring as it is the major factor for... more
Jan 11 2014 6:58pm
Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life by John Wesley · 1. Live Below Your Means There will always be temptatio ...
Aug 16 2007 10:09pm
I especially love your advice about living below your means, which I think can be very... more
Oct 19 2007 11:08am
Musical Hallucinations: Strike Out The Band -... The Lyme Times Volume 34 By Virginia T. Sherr ...
Jul 09 2008 6:08pm
Mind/Body Mind/Body There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that exercise is good for your health, productivity an ...
Apr 30 2007 10:44am
..although, I do think there are some forms of movement that are more conducive to... more
Nov 29 2007 7:52pm
You're Never Too Old to Reach the Top! Katsusuke Yanagisawa, a retired Japanese schoolteacher, reached the top of Mount Everest on June 5t ...
Mar 11 2008 2:53pm
thats awesome more
Jun 26 2008 12:34pm
Latest Results From Two Large Diet-Cancer Studies Today, experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) welcomed preliminary results fro ...
May 09 2007 9:50am
Adjustments I just moved to the area. And we will be (military) retiring here. I have been going to chiropracto ...
Aug 11 2008 6:10am
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Jan 24 2013 10:25pm
Special Report: Shhhh...This Is Your Brain On... As we struggle to allot enough time to the job, kids, family, friends, Lost, and Joaquin Phoenix mes ...
Apr 02 2007 11:15am