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Oh, this moment was sometimes also

Posted Apr 11 2013 7:01am
Oh, this moment was sometimes also. "Giant smiled," originally according to your strength, even then practice continues even to accomplish Fukatsu, I am afraid that is not 2012, and this time, 'Black Mist' early catch you and tear you eight, you kill the last befall those above are credited to blame it on his head, he would have wait for them to kill you and then fast, however, that you should strike again kill the second coming of, which makes things have a trace of turn for the better. "turning point?" "first come, let me say, the body with the power of thunder, but the strength is not powerful The the second Advent strength but it is no less than 'Black Mist', you can refining him, whether it is the illusion own strength are skyrocketing, and thus have a fight in the front and 'Black Mist' qualifications. "giant point a nod, to say the sake of bragging, that befall so powerful, the boss can not kill him now. "This time, even the red boy felt the Giants, then extreme fly." ; Well, you only know one, I do not know Second giant sneer loudly reckoned bomb, showing a flame of light and shadow, "It's the second coming of those attributes is a green fire simply immense destructive power , but there must be a very important premise, is coming in above most suited to his physique, Vice flame-like physique, good Advent were to have to grind you kill a thousand times the absolute power. "However, unfortunately, this guy came to on a completely wrong body." giant bomb under his finger, extinguish the flame of light and shadow, he looked sunglass, some strange, said: "I do not know you luck to the extreme, or premeditated, that you should be the king of beasts owners 'Dragon and Lion Dance' to kill, you know, his strength properties and Advent exactly, but the moment come before kill, Advent can only be forced to drop the body above the water properties 'Tiger Jiao king' physique, which is simply a joke, the fire power of the property within the body of water properties can play much strength? hundredth Even very good "Giants Think about all feel a little ridiculous, self-deprecating shake of his head." if it is luck, I think you're a terrible trick, I think you are more frightening, but in any case, once you grow up, can help me to deal with the 'blanket of darkness', so to enhance your strength for me there is no trace of the disadvantages. "you so sure I'll help you?" sunglass indifferent smile, noncommittal. giant has smiled: "You did not choose soon, 'Black Mist' will be aware of your presence, and he has an extremely powerful weapon called 'supernatural powers' pupil', be able to see all the changes as well as illusory, no amount of cover can not resist one, you hide can not live in his supernatural powers. "It's strange, in that case, why we are still alive and well, than we should have been found?" red boy refuses to accept the fact, " ; Serena "also refuses to accept. giant smiled again, his smile always contains too many things, like to laugh at the ignorance of the sunglass a pedestrian, as if the gods of a condescending," this piece stars strange creatures than we might expect to be more powerful
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