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I no longer want to be a part of Wellsphere but am having trouble removing my account. I cannot even get into it anymore but my blog posts keep showing up here.  Please remove me blog and my page from here..Thank you.
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Saying Goodbye

Just letting readers know I am closing this blog permanently tomorrow.  I can be found at my other cyber home.  Praying all of you are doing well....

Saturday's Scribbles Revisited

If you want to read my Saturdays Scribbles, they have continued on over at  Entering His Rest .  You are welcome to stop by!

Saturday Shift

If you wish to read Saturday's Scribbles stop over to my new blog home, Renee's Reflections On Life .  This will be the last time I re-route you,...

Saturday's Shift

Once again I am re-directing you over to my new blog...... Renee's Reflections On Life  for Saturday's Scribbles.  Not many of you are stopping...

Saturday's Scribbles Switch

Stop over and catch up with this week's scribbles............ Renee's Reflections On Life

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Nov 10 2009 by Sophie Meredith

Hey Renee,

Thanks very much! Lovely to meet you and thanks for sharing your journey..


Mar 01 2009 by Bev and Silver F.

Hi Renee, thanks for finding me and being my virtual friend.  Yes, Lyme is a tough one.  It sounds like you've made a very rich life for yourself in spite of being wacked by Lyme.  I beat it because I knew that I had been bitten and got treated aggressively and quickly, but my daughter Silver was misdiagnosed for 9 months.  We're still working on getting her back to 100%.  Our story is on