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Danville, California
I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of Hypnotist specializing in Advance Hypnotherapy a drug free method enhancing the whole person, mind, body and soul as well as a Certified Massage Therapist California State License #133 specializing in releasing issues in the tissues in Danville CA or on SKYPE. Massage Therapy is an effective tool for muscle realignment, relaxation and stress-relief. A good massage increases circulation which... Full Bio
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I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of Hypnotist specializing in Advance Hypnotherapy a drug free method enhancing the whole person, mind, body and soul as well as a Certified Massage Therapist California State License #133 specializing in releasing issues in the tissues in Danville CA or on SKYPE. Massage Therapy is an effective tool for muscle realignment, relaxation and stress-relief. A good massage increases circulation which benefits the muscular and nervous systems, reduces fatigue, increases endurance, and speeds up the elimination of body toxins. When more than a structural issue is trapped within the tissues it will most likely be emotionally based. With the practice of releasing emotional issues, experience shows that when Advance Hypnotherapy precedes a Massage, the combined effect can be superior to either technique alone. Advance Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to get to the root cause of many physical pains due to an emotional component from low self esteem, fear, uneasiness, bewilderment, scary thoughts, confusion, fatigue, sadness, poor concentration/focus, sleep deprivation, nervousness, worry, overwhelmed, just not functioning at the level you want, grief, worthiness, negative thinking, paranoia, obsessive lack of deserving, etc., that may be living in our bodies today. You will be gently guided through processes of overriding negative perceptions; learn coping skills and become proactive vs. reactive, taking back control over life-stresses and emotional challenges. You will also learn simple techniques you can do yourself in minutes to eliminate what holds you back from reaching your goals and living stress free. In the course of your discovery, you may find a connection between physical/muscle tension and your emotions. Through sessions, you may find relief from physical discomfort, experiencing self-acceptance and self-confidence increasing vitality and mental clarity. This process promotes personal responsibility for one?s health. Sessions greatly assisted me in moving my life forward and helping me to feel better about myself. I dedicated the direction of my life to becoming an advance hypnotherapist because of its boundless potential to help people significantly enhance their lives. Disclaimer: Advance Hypnotherapy bypasses the clients? conscious critical thinking mind to find answers they couldn?t get to or want to confront consciously in other therapies. I like to think of Relaxing Results by Wendy at the Front Street Cottage, Inc. as a safe haven complimentary to other professions. It really makes for a great team: I help my clients release their blocks of the past so their therapists can more easily help them enhance their present and future lives as they have wanted. My promise to you: ?I am not here to judge you but to empower you.? You will always be treated with dignity and respect, and sessions are always confidential. Relaxing Results by Wendy may not be effective for every condition and does not constitute psychotherapy; furthermore should not be considered a substitute for psychotherapy, psychiatric care or medical treatment. I am not a medical therapist, I do not diagnose, prescribe medication, vitamins, herbs, or treat medical diagnosis; nevertheless, the relaxation provided needs to be recognized and acknowledged - in fact, it may help you to thrive! Feelings Create Perceptions - Perceptions Create Beliefs Beliefs Create Behaviors - Behaviors Create Reality Enhance your quality of life. Help with: ? Sleep improvement ? Smoking cessation ? Overcoming apprehension ? Goal-setting & achievement ? Pain management ? Improve self esteem ? Overcoming fears ? Becoming more organized ? Managing situational stress ? Regaining positive mental attitude ? Increasing self-confidence ? Personal skills ? Relationships & spiritual growth ? Improve self confidence ? Improve study habits/test taking ? Overcoming hypertension ? Weight management ? Increase self-control ? Increasing optimism ? Sports & performance improvement ? Increase motivation ? Anxiety reduction ? Removing blockages ? ?and so much more Many times we make unconscious choices based on other people's thoughts, feelings, and actions. Many of these choices stem from beliefs which were instilled in childhood and impact our lives today. As I work intuitively by simultaneously accessing a body/mind centering technique designed to realign the conscious part of the mind (CM) and subconscious part of the mind (SCM) back to wholeness; emotions enlisting the power of the SCM, that blocked energy is brought up to the surface and released. As you feel your feelings you allow the flow of endorphins to release biochemical?s of emotions of the neuropeptides and their receptors. This creative modality is an effective tool used for ridding one?s self of negative emotions, non-serving beliefs and many physical pains that have an emotional component trapped in the body. Negative emotions are caused by an imbalance in the body?s energy system. When the ?negative emotion? is surfacing the energy flow is disrupted. That imbalance is what causes emotional intensity. When stored or blocked emotions are released through touch or other physical methods, there is a clearing of our internal pathways which we experience as energy. Awareness of this energetic emotional release allows healing to begin. You will be guided through the process of self-discovery that will gently bring to the surface these unconscious choices. You will learn techniques to release these thought patterns. These powerful and effective tools are easy to learn and implement. Once negative feelings and thoughts are neutralized, you'll be more attuned to who you really are and what your soul truly wants to achieve. Through this alignment of mind, body and soul, thoughts flow smoothly into inspired action and transform into the physical manifestation of what you wish to experience. For example abundance, prosperity, optimal health, fulfilling relationships and so much more. If you are thinking about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to improve your life, you have come to the right place. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are possibly the most powerful and effective methods for creating life-enhancing changes known to mankind. However, most people have misconceptions and do not have an accurate understanding of Hypnosis, and especially not Hypnotherapy. I specialize in two types: Direct Suggestion Hypnosis (DS) and Advanced Regression Concepts and Methods Hypnotherapy (AR). DS is the most common form of hypnosis. DS happens when the hypnotist guides a client into creating a trance like state to bypass the critical faculty. When the critical faculty is bypassed, acceptable selective suggestions can be given where the subconscious perceptions are positively altered for the changes a person wants to make. Although DS is very effective, sometimes there are subconscious blocks that must be properly identified, acknowledged, and cleared before positive changes can occur. This is where AR can help. AR is a powerful and effective process which helps you to make significant changes in your life. It is a unique combination of powerful methods, designed to resolve problems at the root cause, which can quickly help you feel better about yourself and your life. Imagine an upside down pyramid made out of bricks. This represents how your problem has evolved. The brick on the bottom is the first situation in your life which has started the building process. It represents some situation, thought or idea that has occurred in your past which was too painful to deal with at the time. All by itself it does not amount to much, however given the right circumstances and enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months and years (represented by the next three layers of bricks) it can develop into some real troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks). This is where you currently are with this issue, although you may not realize it as it may be shrouded among many other pyramids you have constructed over the years. Each brick on the top layer, one of your possible many pyramids, could represent a different symptom. Some common symptoms are compulsive eating, low self- esteem, insecurity, headaches, drug abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illnesses, etc. Through AH, we can quickly find and THOROUGHLY cleanse the root experience (first brick) and the major secondary experiences (next 3 layers of bricks) of these old feelings and perceptions in order to empty the cup. This will result in minimal to zero resistance allowing DS to refill the cup, thus leading to lasting positive changes on all levels. Now one of the most important things I have come across in my experience is to give you a good clear cut definition of what hypnosis is. The conscious mind (our thinking mind) and the subconscious mind (our feeling mind); when these two parts are working together, you can literally do anything that you want to do. But when they are not working together, that battle can be waged mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. The conscious part of the mind (CM) is limited. It can only hold about 7 bits of information at one particular moment. And, within those 7 bits of information, it does four things. First part is your analytical mind. 1 + 1 = 2. Second part is your rational mind. This is the part of our mind that has to come up with a reason for why we do certain things. And if we don?t have a reason for why we do certain things, we start to feel irrational. For example, many times when I work with smokers, they will often tell me that the reason they smoke is because it helps them to relax. Well the fact of the matter is, there is nothing in a cigarette that allows them to relax. It is exactly the opposite. But, finding a reason to why they smoke makes them feel rational. Now, the third part, will power, is very strong, very powerful. It?s like what adrenaline is to the physical body. Let?s say you are working the graveyard shift, you are coming off at 6:00 in the morning, and you?re driving home and all of a sudden the next thing you know you start to fall asleep. Your tires hit those little rails; you hear and feel the bump bump bump bump?. And all of a sudden you get a shot of adrenaline and you say, ?I got to stay awake, I got to stay awake?.? But sure enough in a few minutes, that adrenaline starts to drop down, and we start to get tired all over again. That?s like will power. Another good example of will power would be the first week of January. Go into any gym the first week of January and you will find two to three times the membership than any other time of the year. That?s because they have their New Year?s Resolution, they?re all pumped up, they have that will power, but as soon as that week fades out the membership starts to fade out and the gym becomes ?normal? all over again. Now the fourth part is short term memory. For example say you call 411 to get the number of your auto mechanic. You get the phone number from the operator, and say it is 555-1212, without writing it down; you hang up, and call 555-1212. You talk to the mechanic, get your answers and hang-up. But then all of a sudden as you are walking away you realize that you have another question. So you pick up the phone again, and you say, ?Now, what was that number? 555-1221, 555-1122?.? That?s short term memory. But who we are and why we do things in the long run is in our subconscious part of our mind (SCM). The SCM holds four things. The first part, the permanent memory box, is like a computer that holds thousands and thousands and thousands of bits of information of your entire life. It holds every relationship, event, scene, situation, perception in your life. The second part, habits, is closely related to the permanent memory box. Let?s say for example when you first learned how to drive a car, especially a stick shift; it was a very conscious event, right? You had to worry about driving; hands on the wheel at 10:00/2:00, working the stick shift ? the gears had to go in the right place along with replacing the gas pedal and timing with the clutch, hitting the brake. You had to worry about all the people around you, the cars around you, the laws of the road, etc. It?s a very conscious event. But with enough time, with enough practice, it started to become subconscious. You might get so good at driving, you start to drive down the road, talk on your cell phone, put on some make-up and read the newspaper all at the same time, but let?s hope you do not do that because that is dangerous. With enough practice it becomes ingrained in the SCM as a habit. The third part, emotions, now this is where we get into trouble. We of course want to keep our emotions of love, happiness, joy and many times want to push down our feelings of jealousy, anger, frustration, but you have to understand something, even those negative emotions are very important in our lives because they tell us that something is wrong and it needs to be taken care of. And if we push them down, those emotions are energy that has to manifest somehow, some way. The fourth part, protection, is there to protect. To protect us from danger, real or imagined, because anything imagined in the SCM is as if it is REAL. This is how the SCM protects us. Let?s say, for example we have a compulsive eater fifty pounds overweight. Let?s say, a time in her life when she was younger, that she got hurt, fell down, scratched her finger, got a boo boo on her finger? Well she?d go to Grandma; Grandma would give her a little kiss on the finger, and on top of that give her a cookie. Well sure enough the cookie distracted that child from the pain. So later on when this person grows up any time this person has a problem or feels bad, the SCM goes through all the memory files and start to think, okay what happened in her life that caused her to feel better. Well sure enough, it goes back to that file, of Grandma giving her a cookie. So she might reach out for cookies. What the problem is with this, is that, when the distracter, the cookie, is finished with, she will still have those feelings underneath and they start coming up again, she starts to feel bad, her SCM goes, ?Okay, let?s have another cookie? Cookie gone? it?s a vicious cycle. This goes for just about any addiction out there. Let me give you an example of how strong, how well filed this system is. Let?s say you are driving down the road, not paying too much attention to what you are doing, and all of a sudden you hear a song on the radio. Well that song on the radio, could have been an old song that you heard when you were a little child and that song could take you back, just like a snap of a finger, to an event, a particular event, a specific event, in your life, instantly. There is no computer in the world that could do that, that is how amazing this is. Let?s say for example you walk in to a bakery store, you smell a certain smell, and all of a sudden in that smell, that smell takes you back to a time in your life when Grandma was baking cookies. That?s how well organized this system is. Your SCM doesn?t want to have to mess with this whole filing system, its perfect just the way it is. Now, that?s where the power of hypnosis comes in. First I have to explain the Critical Factor (the dotted lines noted above on the mind model). The critical factor works for the SCM. It?s there to compare information/suggestions from the outside to all the information in the filing system. If the information is different from what is inside here, let?s say the information is coming in, and hits the critical factor, the critical factor compares the information with the information inside the SCM and if it?s vastly different, different at all, the critical factor says, ?You know what, I don?t want that suggestion, get it out of here.? And it bounces right off. Let?s take for example, you read a magazine article that says, exercise three times a week, twenty minutes a day that?s good for you. You can sit there, analyze the program, rationalize, I can do this, I can do this during this time, BUT, when you start doing it, even with WILL POWER, and perhaps, maybe, for the first week you actually do the exercise. But that?s going to bump up against the SCM; it?s going to bump up against your permanent memory box especially if you have never exercised before and/or hated it. And it?s simply going to let you go back to what you were doing before. So if you were eating potato chips, eating ice cream or watching TV you?ll simply go back to doing that. So, now, this is where the power of hypnosis comes in. In hypnosis what we can do is bypass the critical factor so that positive and powerful long lasting suggestions go directly right into the SCM. So what is this? I have given you an understanding of the CM and the SCM, what does this mean? What is hypnosis? Well, the Government definition, which is a good definition, comes in two parts. First, of all it is the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. What this basically means, is the full focus of your concentration on one particular thing. Let?s say for example you are reading a book. You?re reading a book and you became so enthralled in that book, that if someone called out your name, you simply wouldn?t hear your name being called out until it was called out three or four times. It?s that level of trance where by you?ve established acceptable selective thinking and bypassed the critical factor. Simply speaking, think of it as the shift from your thinking mind (CM) into your feeling mind (SCM). To illustrate, pretend you are my client and I am working towards your success. Now, in hypnosis, you have to understand something. This is teamwork. Something like partner dancing. I?m more like the leader and you?re the follower. If I do all the work, it?s not going to work, and if you do all the work, it?s not going to work, we have to work together. So I?m going to be doing my part. I?m going to do everything I possibly can to assure your success. And if you follow my lead, you will have a wonderfully powerful and positively successful session. Now, we have four attitudes you can take. The one you want to take for success is ?I like that suggestion I know it will work.? That is the attitude - the attitude that you need to strive for consistently and constantly in hypnosis. Any other attitudes will simply cause you to fail. So remember, in hypnosis, ?I LIKE THAT SUGGESTION I KNOW IT WILL WORK? And we will be going over suggestions beforehand so I know exactly the suggestions you want. Unfortunately there are three other mental attitudes you can take. The second, ?Oh, there is something just a little bit uncomfortable about that suggestion?. Well, that will simply bring up the analytical rational part of the mind/CM and cause you to fail as it will bounce off those suggestions from the critical factor. So please, please please, we are going to go over the suggestions like I mentioned, so if there is anything uncomfortable about the suggestions, or the situation, or the environment, please let me know so we can correct it so we can have a wonderful, powerful positive session. The third attitude is that you are neutral about the suggestion. If you are neutral about the suggestion you are not going to care and it?s not going to go into the SCM. The fourth mental attitude, this is where most people fail, ?I like that suggestion I HOPE it works?. HOPE HOPE HOPE? Hope is like the twin sister of TRY. It implies failure. It brings up the analytical rational part of the mind/CM, the critical factor, so that nothing will go into the SCM ?nothing for positive change anyhow. You just go back to doing what you did before. So always always always please strive for that first mental attitude, ?I LIKE THAT SUGGESTION I KNOW IT WILL WORK? So now, let?s repeat out loud three times, ?I like that suggestion, I know it will work!? Stick with that and I promise you, you will have a wonderful session. Now, I would like to talk a little bit about, ?Oh geeze, I wonder if I can be hypnotized?? The truth of the matter is that anybody of normal intelligence can be hypnotized. Now if you are a ?moron? you simply can?t be hypnotized as you simply can?t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. Now how do I know everybody can be hypnotized, Okay, well, we talked earlier how emotions are part of the SCM. If you have ever watched a movie, and you have enjoyed that movie so much, that perhaps maybe you?ve laughed, maybe you?ve cried, maybe you?ve gotten angry, maybe you felt your heartbeat speeding up? you?re simply in hypnosis. Because for you to simply enjoy the movie like that, you had to set aside the critical factor forgetting that you are actually in a movie theater. That?s hypnosis! Another example would be, you are driving down the highway, not paying too much attention to what you are doing, all of a sudden you start falling into a trance, and you realize you just missed your exit. Again, you had establishment of acceptable selective thinking, which ?bypassed your critical factor?, and since you were in that trance, you simply forgot to exit at your exit. So, everybody can be hypnotized just as long as you don?t have any fears or misconceptions. Now one of the fears about hypnosis is this: Think of some sinister guy saying ?You are now under my control.? Now on the other end of that would be the site of a women coming out of bed in a trance like state; (arms forward), saying, ?Yes Master? that?s not hypnosis at all. You are always in control, you have to understand that. You will remember everything that happens in our session and most importantly, you will always be in control. See if I were to give you a suggestion against your morals or ethics, you would simply emerge from hypnosis, or simply reject the suggestion?. You are always in control. You will remember everything and you will be aware of everything that?s going on in your sessions. Now, another myth about hypnosis is that people fear they are going to get stuck in hypnosis. You simply cannot get stuck in hypnosis anymore than reading a book or watching a movie. So that is what Hypnosis and Advance Hypnotherapy is. So, if you are now ready to free yourself from whatever is holding you back, taking back your power, your control, making better life choices and wish to elicit your subconscious mind in the healing process, I would be honored to be your guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me so we can take care of any fears, any misconceptions, so you can have a wonderfully powerful and positively successful session; because, I want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. I look forward to helping you along the road to your success. I appreciate diversity and open to learning, networking, and cross referrals are always welcome.