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Restoring My Relationship to Music with Thanks to Keith Richards by Rhoda Sommer On vacation I finally had time to update my music using itune’s Genius recommendations. I stayed... Read on »
Dear Dr. Romance: On my death bed, I will not be in the mood to explain by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Dear Dr. Romance: I read your newsletter "How to Heal a Rift with an Adult Child" with joy, how you... Read on »
ダイエットの種類 by AniRam Facebook ダイエットと一口に言っても色々な種類がありますね。 一番効果が期待できそうな運動や、食べる量を制限する食事制限が主なダイエット方法ですね。 ダイエットの種類は細かく分けると200種類以上もあるようで... Read on »


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