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Springhill Counselling Group Reviews:...   Couples w ...
May 04 2013 2:51am
Thanks for taking the time to share with you this, I’m fervently relating to this and... more
May 04 2013 9:27am
No sure where to ask a Q on my boyfriends... Can  I ask here about my boyfriend's strange sexual fetish/turn on its regarding his penis size. It ...
Dec 13 2011 9:58pm
Remeber Sex is the part of life and if trust your BF then you should discuss him. more
Jan 19 2013 7:32am
sexual positions sexual positons
Jun 09 2011 6:00pm
erection prob I’ve been married for 3 years now and had been sexually active until around 3 months ago.  I’m havin ...
Jul 15 2009 7:59am
Everyone wants to live their sexual life happily but everyone is not blessed with the... more
Apr 09 2013 8:16am
E D. Iam 57 years old I have had problems with ed for ten years. I am considering penial prostheses/impla ...
Jun 22 2009 10:47pm
Easy for you and your partner to use - You simply pump it up for an erection. Down... more
Jan 10 2013 8:41am
XXY syndrome What insurance provider covers PGD or insemination for help of someone with XXY syndrome?
Jun 13 2009 2:53pm
Extra marital affair of life partner extra marital affair of life partner makes the relation worse, that too if the person accpets it a ...
Jan 31 2009 3:43am
Love at First Sight Some people simply fall in love at the first sight.On the other hand there are some people who dat ...
Jan 26 2009 4:03pm
We get impressed in first sight, where butterfly giggles inside our stomach and creates... more
Jan 10 2013 8:48am
Help with bleeding after sex Please help  I am a 55 yr old female have not been sexually active for almost 2 years and yeste ...
Dec 01 2008 1:27am
Little Man, if you knew anything about women of Sunshine girls age group, you would... more
Dec 20 2008 3:01am
Emergency contraception facts Forgot to take your contraceptive pill? Condom split? ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm