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Dr. Romance on shared laughter by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Dr. Romance writes: A lighthearted approach to serious matters often is the most productive one. Imagine what your days would be like if you focused on having fun and making ... Read on »
Are you inadvertently dimming your light? When you have a pattern of being afraid of outshining by NML Patient Expert Last week I had what I refer to as a ‘punchbulb moment’ – a lightbulb moment that punches you in the head, aka an epiphany. I have them ever ... Read on »
How to Create A Sense of Togetherness and Enjoy Emotional Intimacy by Jeanette R.     Most couples I see in my therapy office say they want to feel like they are 'on the same team' and 'on the same page', but when we explore how they live ... Read on »
Dear Dr. Romance: I am somewhat leery of another romance by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Dear Dr. Romance: My last romantic relationship (that I thought was mutual) ended because she said one day out of the blue, "I don't love you any more." I think she never ... Read on »
Married Sex: 9 Ways To Break Out Of Your Sex Rut by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Married sex is well known for its lack of heat behind closed doors, but does that mean you should resign yourself to a sex rut just because you’re wearing a ring on your ... Read on »
How To Share Your Sexual Fantasies With Each Other by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Sexual fantasies are something everyone has – but many people are too shy to reveal them. They’ll enjoy their sexual fantasies on their own during masturbation or solo pl ... Read on »
Are you too clingy? by Dating Goddess Patient Expert “Clingy” has different definitions to different people. Some like their space, while others like to be continually touching when together. Others like to show their a ... Read on »
How To Make Your Girl’s Sex Drive Stronger Than Yours! by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Sex tips are definitely something you want to have on hand to keep your sex life fresh. If you want MORE sex, here’s how to revv up your lady’s sex drive. Do you ever ... Read on »
Feel Overwhelmed by Emotions? You are Not Alone! by Rhoda Sommer Feeling overwhelmed by feelings with no clue how to manage them is at the core of addiction problems. A central problem of anxiety is being to easily swamped by fea ... Read on »
How to Cope with the Loss of a Friend by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy I was recently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, and remembering my dear friend who used to meet me there and who died not long ago. As I get older, I’m experiencing more ... Read on »