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Dear Dr. Romance: she is in denial and wants to escape the pain by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Dear Dr. Romance: My best girlfriend ever and I dated for about eight months, then had a long distance relationship when she went back to her home country.  She just brok ... Read on »
Comforting the Little Orphan Girl by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy When life hands me a very difficult time, and I feel defeated and overwhelmed, I enter a hopeless and helpless state of mind I think of as The Little Orphan girl. This is the ... Read on »
UKRAINE, Why Should We Care About Russia’s Aggression? by Rhoda Sommer This post is written by a guest, Adriana Helbig. A description of her credentials follows the post. She is so passionate about what is happening, that she went on a ... Read on »
When we’re afraid of letting ourselves or others ‘off the hook’ by NML Patient Expert Being let off the hook is about being released out of what could be an unpleasant or at the very least difficult situation, or being release ... Read on »
Bulllet Proof Your Relationship Against Your Partner Leaving You by Jeanette R.   Imagine if your partner suddenly said they were going to leave you? Would you be shocked, shaken, stunned and destabilized? Would you would feel insec ... Read on »
Buffers: When You’re The One That They Turn To When They’re Unhappy With Their Current... by NML Patient Expert We are creatures of habit and have to pay close attention to where there are running themes in our lives because it points to where we are n ... Read on »
Gay Dating Solutions ( Encourages Single Gay Men to Join by 1888PressRelease 1888PressRelease - On Gay Dating Solutions (, members meet new friends and share all the fun in their lives, including decorations, costumes and p ... Read on »
Despite ‘good points’, we deal with the consequences of people coming as full packages by NML Patient Expert Any toxic relationship that I’ve been involved in, has always kept going due to me essentially cherry-picking what I wanted to remember abou ... Read on »
WHAT DOES “BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH” MEAN TO YOU? by Rhoda Sommer October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & I am reblogging most of the post I found from Lara K. Huffman’s blog  Get Up Swinging: The Boobs are Fake, The Snark is Real: ... Read on »
Ten Things You Should Never Do ON A First Date by Jeanette R.   TEN THINGS TO AVOID ON YOUR FIRST DATE   Dating for the first time can make you nervous because you have high hopes but fear being disapp ... Read on »