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Zumba + Pudendal Neuralgia = Freaky Pain

Posted Feb 01 2011 5:39pm

The spring semester started last Monday.  My girlfriends are on what I assume is a New Year's Resolution health kick.  They decided to attend a Zumba class at our gym and I hesitantly agreed to join them. 

The Zumba class at school was freaky!  Our instructor was flipping her hair, gyrating, and shaking her bits and pieces like a pro.  

When I was in undergrad, I loved to get freaky dancing at the clubs.  Sometimes if I was dancing on a bar or platform, men would hand me nasty, alcohol-soaked dollar bills.  Some girls might have found that degrading, but I loved it.  Despite that, even I was a little scandalized by the moves in this class.  (God, when did I get so OLD! !

Even though I made a conscious effort to keep my moves low-impact my pudendal nerve started to flare.  I realized that it wasn't the impact at all that was causing the pain, it was the thrusting and jiggling.  I may be a small girl, but I've got A LOT of booty and I know how to shake it.  I can only assume that the constant smack of my excessive booty tissue slamming against my pelvis irritated my cranky, prude pudendal nerve. 

Only half way through the class I had to stop.  I was the only one who couldn't keep up.  I sat out one song, then decided to just do the upper body and arm parts of the workout. 

I really enjoyed the class.  It was liberating!  I miss dancing like that.  It never used to bother my nerve.  I'd really love to attend another class, but I don't think my pudendal neuralgia will allow it.   
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